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The Journey Begins

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Our school, Freedom Shores Elementary, is embarking on a journey.  The school plans to build a garden, rehab a butterfly garden and improve small growing plots throughout the grounds.  The students will benefit from this process in many ways,   science, math, engineering, art and improved awareness of nature and their surroundings to name a few.

This blog was created to document that process, encourage community involvement and give thanks to our helpers along the way.  The blog is published and coordinated with volunteer support.  We are not paid or endorsed by Freedom Shores Elementary School or the Palm Beach County School District.

If you are a Freedom Shores parent, member of our surrounding community and/or interested in our process please check back regularly.  We plan to post photos and updates often.

The photo above is the planned space for our raised bed garden and serenity path and was taken Tuesday, September 23rd.  The ground is thickly covered in grass and weeds and has a 12 inch drain in the middle of the space.


Here is the same space Thursday, September 25th.  When starting this project we had lots of good things in our favor and one of those is that we definitely knew we didn’t know much about gardening.  But, we had enthusiasm and a willingness to seek out help.  Our first stop to seek answers was the Gray Mockingbird Community Garden in Lake Worth, Florida.  Brian and Andrea at Gray Mockingbird were so happy to share information, point us in a positive direction and respond to many questions and emails.  It was Andrea that explained sheet mulching to us.  Sheet mulching uses compostable material to cover kill the current growth (grass and weeds), encourage beneficial composters to enrich our soil and maintain the integrity of the soil.  “Don’t till”, said Andrea.  We want to keep our soil healthy and help it by adding the compostable material.  So, now our garden space is ‘mostly’ covered in cardboard.

We will be returning to Gray Mockingbird Community Garden on Saturday (September 27th) at 10:30 a.m. to start seeds in starter pots that Gray Mockingbird will keep in their misting tent for us so we’ll have lovely little seedlings to plant in our new planting beds in a few weeks.  We’d love to see FSES students and parents and you won’t regret visiting Gray Mockingbird Community Garden.

So, welcome, the journey begins.


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