Nurturing the Eagle Nest

Working together to beautify the school habitat for our soaring eagles!

Garden Grower: Cemex!

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Our garden project is getting ready to make a big leap forward.  Wednesday Cemex will deliver the 400 cull concrete blocks they generously donated to our school garden project!  Cull blocks have minor imperfections but are perfectly wonderful for our planting beds!  Concrete block beds are well-suited to school gardens.  They keep little feet off of growing plants, keep the soil from compacting and are incredibly durable (and crazy heavy).  We’ve read concrete block planting beds can wick away water and require more watering but we’re looking at techniques to lessen the water requirement.  If you’d like to share your appreciation for Cemex, comment below and we’ll make sure they hear your appreciation!

We’ll highlight our ‘Garden Growers‘ throughout the process.  Do you know a potential ‘Garden Grower’?  Comment below.

How can you help?

If you plan to attend Fun with Math at school on Wednesday (10/1/14) night at 6:30 p.m. you’ll get to see our garden vision for the school, our progress and hear the myriad ways that you can help.  With the arrival of the blocks and the impending arrival of cubic yards of garden soil and mulch we’ll need a group of volunteers that love hard sweaty work!  Sign-up Wednesday night or email

Other ways to help?  Donations (of course!), garden tools and a wheelbarrow (gently used is fine!), garden whirligigs, bamboo and donations of your time (the weeds will happen!). There are many ways to help.  Keep checking back with this blog or email us.  The more FSES community involvement the better our garden with grow!

Sheet Mulching Progress

About 2/3 of the total garden area is now covered in a thick layer of recycled cardboard.  A group of friendly 2nd graders helped haul a tarp full of cardboard to the garden site today, thanks guys!

So many of the students have paused to ask ‘What’s with all the cardboard? What are you making? When can I help?’.  When they hear we are creating a garden that they get to work with they are thrilled.  ‘Cool! Wow! Don’t plant cauliflower, I don’t like it.’  Our students are very savvy about gardens too.  When asked how the cardboard will help our garden most of them know the worms will chew it up and create new soil.  Wait until they sample a tomato they helped to grow or identified a beneficial garden predator and showed his or her classmates.  The lessons are endless.


The future of our FSES Garden, enter your garden name idea in the contest at Fun with Math night, is in this tray, safely ensconced in the misting tent at Gray Mockingbird Community Garden.  Beets, tomatoes, spinach and Brussels sprouts waking up with soil and water and performing their seed magic.  We’ll end with this post with a quote:

The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies.”

Gertrude Jekyll, British horticulturist, garden designer, artist and writer.

Have a favorite quote about gardening or nature, comment below.  We’re always looking for inspiration.


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