Nurturing the Eagle Nest

Working together to beautify the school habitat for our soaring eagles!

Planning Beds and Our Community

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‘We know our doctor.  We know our dentist.  Why don’t we know our farmer?”  – Cornucopia Institute

The good news is that we now KNOW our farmer.  Farmer David Bick to be more precise.  Farmer Bick is an FSES parent who has graciously agreed to help guide us through our garden building process with his wealth of gardening knowledge AND donate time and materials to install the irrigation for the garden.  WOW!  His organic farm is located in Lake Worth and he grows food and creates kombucha for local restaurants.  Sons & Daughters Farm and Farmer Bick are wonderful additions to our growing garden community.  Thank you!

Garden Update

The sheet mulching we started September 23rd is definitely working.  We pulled up a few pieces of cardboard to check the status of the grass decomposition.  The thick, weedy grass is now almost gone and we can see the dirt.  We have just a bit more sheet mulching to do as we have one more planting bed to place.


We have 7 double-layer concrete block beds and 1 triple-layer bed.  Most of the blocks have been placed by the school’s STEM teacher who will be overseeing the garden curriculum with all FSES students.  At 28 pounds per block, she has moved over 4,500 pounds of concrete into place!  Talk about above and beyond!  Here is a photo taken October 8th.  There will be one more bed placed in front of the bed on the far left in the photo.


Did you know we’ll be including elements to make the garden even more peaceful?  We have plans to include a rock path and seating so that not only will the garden be an outdoor classroom but a place to sit and contemplate, relax and reflect.

Soil will be in the beds really soon.  If you would like to help haul and fill the planting beds please comment or email and let us know!  We’ll also post as soon as we can about the date/time to FILL THOSE BEDS!  Also let us know if you’d like to join the Garden Team.  Some Garden Team members are seriously considering the garden plan in the photo below.  Well, maybe not too seriously.


Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant. – Robert Louis Stevenson


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