Nurturing the Eagle Nest

Working together to beautify the school habitat for our soaring eagles!

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Garden Named

A name for the FSES garden was announced at Math & Science night.  2nd Grader Sara’s submission was selected and she was on FNN, given a lovely basket of goodies and the name has since been posted in the garden.  Wonders of Learning is a terrific garden name.  Thanks Sara!

DSC04976Sara and STEM teacher, Mrs. Beesley

Garden Update

2nd grade continues to harvest cherry tomatoes, radish and garden beans.  The cabbage is coming along very nicely as is the eggplant.  Students are replanting seeds with every harvest so another crop is on the way.  Sunflowers are 2 feet tall and the birdhouse gourd is continuing to flourish.  We keep waiting for the 3 large gourds to drop or the vine to wither, but so far they just keep hanging on.


Ms. Mendez harvesting a radish

We’ve placed more glass mulch but lots more is needed and a garden volunteer built and installed a small bridge over the river.  We’ve also received 3 benches from members of the community.  Look for a special thank you blog post soon.


March 27, 2015 – river getting longer, new bridge and garden beds are thriving!

Morning Garden Club

All the interest in the garden in the morning has led to the creation of a garden club!  Sign-up didn’t last very long, the club was full within 10 minutes.  Club members remove litter, weed, inspect the plants for pests and keep the garden in great shape.

More updates to come.  We are still in need of garden seating and, of course, more glass mulch.  If able to help, please comment and a volunteer will contact you promptly.

“If I had influence with the good fairy, I would ask that her gift to each child be a sense of wonder so indestructible that it would last throughout life” Rachel Carson – founder of contemporary environmental movement


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Math & Science Night!

Hello FSES Garden Friends.

The name for the garden has been chosen and will be announced this Thursday at Math & Science Night.  The winner will receive a gift, a visit to FNN and their name on the garden sign.  The cafeteria will be full of fun, hands on science and math activities.  Don’t forget to stop by the garden table and join a tour out to the garden, with the time change there is much to see.

Garden Update

The 2nd grade STEM classes are enjoying harvesting.  Cherry tomatoes, radishes and garden beans are picked at the peak of ripeness and either eaten immediately or taken home to be enjoyed by the students’ families.  Has your 2nd grader brought home their harvest?

The birdhouse gourd continues to amaze visitors to the garden.  There are 3 giant gourds we’re watching closely.

february gourdmarch gourd

February gourds (left)

March same gourds (below)


Morning Garden Club

We’ve had lots of interest in the garden in the morning.  Students enjoy walking around, removing flat worms (the bad good-worm eating worms), pulling weeds, retrieving glass, moving mulch and wondering at the latest growth in the garden before they head to class.  Our STEM teacher has decided to call this group a club!  Is your Soaring Eagle in the club?

Donations to the glass mulch drought have enabled us to purchase more bags that the Garden Club will spread when they arrive.  We’re still looking for donations for glass mulch seating.

Butterfly Garden

While the garden grows, another area of the school grounds needs our attention.  The butterfly garden is overgrown and large loquat trees need to be moved and replaced with native plantings.  If you are interested in this project, let us know.  The community really came together to install the school garden, imagine harnessing that power to help our butterfly friends?  Comment if interested in helping.

Next post after Math & Science Night this week!

Butterflies are self propelled flowers.  ~R.H. Heinlein