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Bean Time & Bug City

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2nd grade STEM farmers/gardeners have been learning all about beans.  Red kidney beans to be exact.  Students have explored a dry bean, dissected a soaked bean, observe growth and learned all the vocabulary involved.  Their journals include a very detailed bean diagram.


Can you point to the cotyledon?

Aphids, ladybugs of all stages, leaf-footed bugs, caterpillars galore, bees, ants, roly-poly/pillbugs, flat worms and earthworms.  This is a by no means an all-inclusive list of the types of bugs we are finding in the garden.  Because we don’t spray we must depend on natural predators.  The students are adept at picking off destructive caterpillars and flat worms, they don’t shrink at this duty.


There’s never just 1 little green caterpillar.

Harvest continues with more gourds and a radish seed pods.  Two large, lovely green cabbages, ready for harvest, have mysteriously disappeared from Bed 4.  We continue to communicate that harvesting is for the students!

Want to help pick off worms?  Having a garden story or photo to share?  Please comment and let us know!  Big news in the next post – stay tuned!
 “To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves.”

Mohandas K. Gandhi


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