Nurturing the Eagle Nest

Working together to beautify the school habitat for our soaring eagles!

Welcome helpers!

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Final preparations are underway for a Garden Party to honor sponsors, families and friends and their hard work and celebrate our inaugural year.  Almost all of our community partner sponsors have not seen our garden in person.  We are so excited to share what we have done with them.  But, a lot of work remains to prepare the space.  A volunteer spent time today freshening up our mural to blend more naturally with the glass mulch river.


Thank you Mrs. Kahn!

Garden Club members and other FSES students have been pulling weeds, moving mulch, returning glass, removing litter and always, always, always picking off nuisance bugs.  We’ve seen green lacewings in the garden but have yet to find their telltale eggs.


Our cardinal friend kept flitting around this morning, checking on progress. Lots of loud chirping, maybe he’s impressed?

Students in 1st grade STEM classes have been touring the garden and thinking about what they’d like to do when they become the gardeners in 2nd grade.  Tomato, strawberry, watermelon and carrot were common requests for planting next year.  Kindergarten is also visiting the garden and becoming familiar with the space.  Lots of plans for next year!

Children seldom forget a direct experience.

– Joseph Cornell


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