Nurturing the Eagle Nest

Working together to beautify the school habitat for our soaring eagles!

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End of the Year & Garden Grower!

Garden Grower:  Pinnacle Kids

Welcome and a large THANK YOU to Pinnacle Kids for providing the funds to finish the tumbled glass river.  We never thought that goal would be achieved in the first year of the garden.  Also, we love the shade sail fabric that we’ll use over the Tower Garden outside the STEM Lab.  Pinnacle Kids “is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization that offers assistance to individual public schools and their classrooms by meeting special needs.  Pinnacle Kids’ mission is to serve as a helping hand for public schools and their teachers, working to help fulfill their overall desire to deliver quality education and foundation to the communities they serve.”  (from their website)  Please check them out, they are doing wonderful things for students in our area.  Mr. Robert R. Restino, Founder of Pinnacle Kids, joined us at our Garden Party and we were delighted to show him the completed river.


Pinnacle Kids Founder Robert R. Restino and Principal Trejo Photo courtesy of A. Fine

Garden Party!

We had a Garden Party late May to thank all or our wonderful Garden Growers, volunteers, administrators, teachers and families.  It was wonderful!  Mrs. Erica Whitfield, member of the Palm Beach County School Board for our area, graciously attended and discussed how important a school garden is to the students and how proud she was of our hard work.  Go Freedom Shores!! Display tables showcased student journals, some of our giant birdhouse gourds, seed packets and tools that we use in the garden.


2nd Grade STEM Journal.  Photo courtesy of A. Fine

FSES Principal Trejo’s leadership and enthusiasm for the project is what made our garden possible.  STEM Lab teacher Mrs. Beesley coordinated sponsors, volunteers and students to get it built and growing.  FSES is lucky to have such devoted administrators and teachers!  There are two special people to whom the garden is dedicated for their vision of incorporating a garden with a serenity aspect to help students experiencing behavioral challenges a space to pause and reflect.  Ms. Cuevas and Ms. Mendez, FSES Guidance Counselors, retired at the end of the school year and they will be missed but we were so happy to see their vision realized.  Thank you!


Ms. Cuevas and Ms. Mendez – we miss you beautiful ladies! Photo courtesy of A. Fine

And to all the Garden Growers we have a special sign in the garden so that we always remember who lent a hand, supplies, funds and expertise when we needed it most.  Our endless thanks!


Garden Sponsors – Pinnacle Kids was added to the list the next morning. Thank you!!  Photo courtesy of A. Fine

Ready for the summer!

The garden was cleared out and planted with a green mulch, pigeon pea, and then a layer of regular mulch.  The pigeon pea will grow and be incorporated into the soil as an amendment before it flowers.  Pigeon pea acts as a cover crop to add good things to our soil and keep the weeds down.  The garden looked a little empty at the end of the year but expect another wonderful growing season next year.


Empty garden with gray clouds.  A bit sad but hopeful too.

On the horizon…..

4th grade was back in action at the end of the school year.  The next major project will be rehabilitating the butterfly garden.  They loved getting out there and doing some hard work, pulling down huge overgrown shrubs and non-native plants, and were incredibly efficient!


4th grade working hard!

See you next year!!

‘It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings.’ – – Ann Landers