Nurturing the Eagle Nest

Working together to beautify the school habitat for our soaring eagles!

Growing, Learning, Waiting…..and Technology?

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8-bed Garden

2nd Grade Science Lab students have planted their seed tapes.  Students hypothesized which of three seeds (carrot, lettuce or radish) they were planting and wrote this in their journal with a seed taped next to their choice.  Now the waiting begins to see if they were correct.  Some of the radish are ready to pick – the students will be so excited!

The Garden Club is working hard trying to control the bugs and maintaining the garden.  It is amazing what a few dozen students can do in 15 minutes before school begins!



This Garden Club member found a toad in the garden. She went home and researched it and came back the next day with her research and told us it was an ‘eastern narrowmouthed toad’. Students make great teachers!

Tower Garden

Our newest learning garden is growing so quickly!  We’ve already learned quite a bit about how this type of growing is different from our 8-bed garden.  The direct delivery of nutrients on the soil-less roots makes the plants grow quickly.  It is too early, too hot – even if shaded by squash leaves, for strawberries, even in the Tower.  A major drawback to the Tower?  Electricity!  We lost power one night and returned to find all the plants droopy and sad.  Everything came back except our chocolate mint plant at the top of the Tower.  We’ve started to find aphids and caterpillars on the squash plants – Garden Club members are removing the hungry insects daily.  We are trying out a method to control the powdery mildew – once a week a Garden Club member sprays the leaves with diluted milk.  We think it is working after only 2 weeks of application.


Pictures – making pesto with Tower grown basil, the aphids have arrived and look how quickly it is growing!

Butterfly Garden

In 2 days Garden Club members and their families will descend to plant native specimens in our Butterfly Garden. Carl from Meadow Beauty Nursery has created a design that will draw many types of butterflies, birds and other animals and insects.  Check back next week to see the before and during and after photos!


Garden Club members have started taping short informational segments for FNN News.  The vodcasts are on Twitter and we’ll post them here too.  Again, students make great teachers!


Our thanks to an ‘Anonymous Donor from UF’ for their funds to help us buy a dump cart and shed for the garden.  Two much-needed items for our garden.  Check out the photos on Twitter.

It is not what is poured into a student, but what is planted.  – – Linda Conway, educator


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