Nurturing the Eagle Nest

Working together to beautify the school habitat for our soaring eagles!

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Hello and Happy New Year!

2016 is off to a blooming start in the gardens.  The new butterfly garden is especially busy creating blooms for the visiting pollinators and students’ enjoyment.

We’ve watched 3 different species of butterfly emerge so far!

The 8-bed learning garden is doing very well.  The gourd and loofah are loaded with produce.  The tomato plants, on the other hand, are a little sad.  It doesn’t help that the moth that pollinates the gourds ALSO places its eggs on the tomato plants.  The students have pulled off 4 and 5 inch fat hornworms but still the winter break has reduced the tomato plants to leafless mounds.  The students are watching them closely in hopes they’ll recover.  Carrots, radish, cabbage, herbs, sunflowers, beans, peas and greens – so much to watch grow!

Check out the current blooms:

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“Where flowers bloom so does hope”- Lady Bird Johnson