Nurturing the Eagle Nest

Working together to beautify the school habitat for our soaring eagles!

Year 3 Begins

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Welcome back!  Another school year has begun and our award-winning garden begins its 3rd year.  We were honored with the award for Best Vegetable Garden by Mounts Botanical Garden at the Green Schools Recognition Program luncheon in May.  Thank you!!

We’re busy pulling weeds and will soon begin to prepare the beds for planting.  2nd grade STEM students will plant on the west side of each bed – day 1 through 8.  The east side of each bed will be available for individual classes and the Morning Garden Club to use.

Speaking of the Morning Garden Club – applications will be sent home Tuesday, September 6th and are due back on September 16th at the latest (no exceptions).  Students will be advised which day(s) they will attend later in September with Morning Garden Club set to start the first week in October.

We’ll post photos soon of what’s been happening with the gardens and will update you on our plans.  We’re hoping to have some Morning Garden Club members writing a blog post or contributing some artwork this year.

As always, it takes many hands and time for a garden to be successful.  If you would like to help out in the garden (8 bed vegetable garden, butterfly garden, expanding mini-gardens outside the portables, edible forest, compost center and more) please reply with a comment or send an email.

A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them.

— Liberty Hyde Bailey


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